The Mac Factory

During the last weekend the Mac Factory were having a free soft serve weekend in order to promote their new soft serve machine. Mr Tealeaf and I tried the berry coulis and the chocolate nut sundaes! Delicious toppings >w<

We also had a couple of macarons. I swear macarons are the cutest looking desserts ever. The macarons themselves were definitely better than when I first tried them at the opening, much less sweet and more concentrating on the filling this time.

Such an adorable place, definitely swing by if you're down Hutt St and looking to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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  1. I've been wanting to drop by this place for a while now! But I have no idea where anything is lol I must investigate one day! I had heard that their maracons weren't very nice :c But this has filled me with hope! x


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